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a whole new season of degrassi, fuckers

Name- Kate
Age- 14 beech
Where you be?!- SwarthmOre fuckers.

5 bands- tilly and the wall, the get up kids, count the stars, busted, eisley, elefant
5 T.V. shows/movies- survivor, anything on VH1, Will and Grace, the Man show, The Notebook, CSI: ORIGINAL


5 bands- Evenesence, My chemical romance, that's it?
5 movies/tv- anything on MTV and MTV2, Law and Order, CSI: Miami, alot of things?


If you could have a different name what would it be- Nacrissa
What makes you a good friend?- i just am a good friend
Promote us!- My fucking community, I'm telling EVERYONE about this shit.
Show a picture of your loner face- 'kay
a bigger one:
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