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Bye-Bye, Beautiful!

Yup. I'm at my lovely school library right now.. And guess what happened yesterday and today?!

Yesterday - The ever so lovely boyfriend of mine [Josh] attempted to break up with me for some extreamly retarded reasons. I was crying my eyes out and adventually he changed his mind. I don't think for the right reasons though... [he just was using me all along]

Today - whooaaaa .... Alot of stuff happened today. He is such an asshole. On sunday he got high and had sex with some girl. I just found out today and during lunch I called him from the payphone and broke up with him. What a fucking asshole. I hope he dies. I really do. I should of listened to my friends. They all told me not to get too serious, not to believe him when he said he loved me, not to believe anything and just not to get attatched. Did Krystal listen? No..

But now I'm over it. I don't care. He doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I just thought I should inform you of this little fact if you didn't already know..

BOYS SUCK! Not all of them, however. Most of them.. The ones that think they can get away with anything they damn well please.

Ohhhh well. I'll find someone new.

Mhm. It was the funnest breakup I've ever done, though.

Me: So I heard you cheated on me?
Him: No. Who told you that?
Me: Ashley-
Him: Ahahaha Ashley!
Me: Uhm.. And to be quite honest I believe my friends way more then I'd ever believe you.
* long silence *
Me: So this is what I want: Don't ever call me again, talk to me again, think about me again, IM me agian, or anything. Don't talk to my friends ever again either. Mkay?
Him: Bye.

It's Over!

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