girl ♥ (__the_gray) wrote in lonerclubx3,
girl ♥

name- Rachael
age- 15, almost 16
where be you?- small town in NH

what do you think of...
from reading a bit of their journal I like their sense of humor
______emokiddie: has a neat journal and I do remember the guy posted about Mar 25

5 bands-
the postal service, the killers, modest mouse, pete yorn, backseat goodbye
5 movies/tv- donnie darko, garden state, i ♥ huckabees, what dreams may come, willow

5 bands-
:\ good charolette, ashlee simpson, ummm... I mainly don't really like rap/hip-hop/pop stuff
5 movies/tv- south park, crank yankers... I don't really watch too much tv and I can find anything to like in most movies

If you could have a different name what would it be-
I actually like my name... but I guess I'd change it to Ella?
What makes you a good friend?- good listener, always honest, realistic, a phone call away, I can't lie, always nice, it's very hard to tick me off
promote us please. =) we're very small at the time- my journal
Show a picture of your loner face- (optional)
make us a banner?- (optional but nice)
maybe I will if I get accepted
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